We are holding the above activities on Zoom, which is a safe and easy to use piece of video conference software. If you have not used Zoom before then we can support you to use it for the first time, and even do a practice run through with you. The sessions will be fun, friendly and informal!

· Coffee and chat – make a brew and join the Association of Carers team for a chat. 

· Yoga taster – a qualified yoga teacher will lead a gentle yoga session that is suitable for complete beginners. You can even do it from your chair!

· Relaxation Session – Nadine from Calmer Self (https://www.calmerself.co.uk/) will show us some relaxation strategies that might help you sleep better, or help if you are feeling stressed.

· Alex Sadlo Art – Alex is someone that the Association of Carers supports, and he has been an artist for many decades. Alex’s wife, Gaynor, will show us some of Alex’s work, and talk about his creative process. (http://www.alexsadlo.co.uk/)

· Creative Writing – Julie will lead a creative writing session. Don’t worry if you’ve never done writing before, as Julie will provide tips and activities to get you started!

· Knit and natter – work on a project or just come for a chat and ask other people about what they are making. Or you could do some drawing instead!

· Hatmaking talk – A Hastings hatmaker will tell us about the history of hatmaking and show us some of her designs.

· Cooking watchalong – one of our volunteers Naveela will talk us through cooking a tasty meal. Just join in to watch, or grab the ingredients and make the recipe at the same time!

· Singalong – we’ll choose some well known songs and have a singalong on Zoom. Feel free to suggest your favourites!

· Towner Art Session – using a free art pack donated by Towner Art Gallery, we will work on our projects on Zoom. You don’t have to be an artist. We can come up with ideas together!

· Green Finger Gossip – come and chat about what you’re planting and growing, or get advice from other gardeners. Hopefully we’ll have a video tour of Sissinghurst Gardens too!

· Show and tell – 5 minutes sharing sessions. Pick an object that means something to you and tell us all about it. Or show off something you’ve made, or a trophy you’ve won. Or just tell us a little about a hobby you have. Anything goes!

· Quiz – a just for fun quiz to get your braincells firing.

If you have any questions, or would like to attend any of the activities then please let us know in advance by emailing jane@associationofcarers.org.uk or calling 01424 722309. Or if there’s an activity you’d like to host then feel free to suggest it! Association of Carers volunteers are welcome to attend too!

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