Our Supporters

Jo Brand – Comedian

“Charity begins ‘at home’ but the huge and increasing number of carers who stay or juggle their lives to give ‘care at home’ is doing just that – increasing.

The Association of Carers based in Hastings is providing – via their fully trained and empathetic volunteers – support to more than 200 carers, both young and old to ensure their own health and wellbeing is preserved whilst they care and nurture those they love ‘at home’.”

Claire King – Actress

“Carers do an invaluable service to help those in need, they are of all ages and many unpaid members of the family. In order to remain both mentally and physically well themselves and enjoy a life outside their caring roles, they need a regular break.

They also need to be able to talk about their roles in confidence and learn computer skills to help them. This is where the Association of Carers comes in guiding them through with support and help.”

Sheila Hancock CBE – Actress & Author

“The Association of Carers do a fantastic job with supporting unpaid Carers in East Sussex to help them continue in their caring role. Having some experience myself of the difficulties they encounter, I know that these services are very important to Carers as they can lose their independence and become isolated.”