Befriending with Respite

Our Respite and Befriending service gives Carers the opportunity to have some time to themselves, usually three hours each week, on the same day, at the same time.

They are able to do whatever they would like during this time, as long as it gives them time away from their caring role.

By having a regular, set time, Carers are able to look forward to their break and plan what to do with the time. The service also benefits the person that is being looked after, providing them the opportunity to spend time with a volunteer who has similar interests and experiences.

Our volunteers are thoroughly vetted and carefully matched to help them establish a long-term befriending relationship with the cared for person. Once we have identified a volunteer, they are able to continue going to see the same people each week for as long as the Carer needs the service and the volunteer is able to provide it.

To be eligible for the service, the Carer needs to be over 18 and providing substantial levels of care. Our volunteers are not able to provide personal care, so the person that is being looked after needs to be independent when using the toilet or have their continence managed.

We take referrals directly from Carers or family members as well as a range of professional organisations.

Respite for Healthcare

We know Carers can sometimes miss important healthcare appointments as they cannot leave the person they are caring for.

The Respite for Healthcare service entitles Carers to extra visits from a volunteer in addition to their free weekly respite service, so they can look after their own health and well-being.

The service is available in the following circumstances:

  • Carers have a healthcare appointment such as visiting the GP, dentist, outpatient, or treatment such as physiotherapy or counselling.
  • Carers wish to attend training courses to help them in their caring role, such as Dementia training or Moving & handling.