Our Volunteers

We have a large team of dedicated volunteers and we are very grateful for all they do. Here is a snapshot of some of these amazing people who give their time to help others:

When I retired I knew I wanted to do voluntary work. The husband of a friend of mine became ill with Alzheimer’s and I could see the need for her to have some respite to recharge her batteries. At the same time I saw an advert in the local paper for the Association of Carers needing volunteers. It just seemed right. Here I am 4 years later still loving it. I get out as much as I put in. It seems a small thing for me to do but I know it makes a significant difference to people’s lives. It makes me realise what a struggle some people have in life, and how lucky I am.

I have met lovely people along the way. There is 100% support from the Association of Carers. If there are any problems, they are there to help.


I joined back in March 2014 and I have attended many of the courses that the AOC put on for their volunteers and met other really lovely people who have their own stories to tell. The support and care I receive from the AOC is always there when I need it. I enjoy giving my time to carers as I know they would not be able to have a little bit of time on their own from their caring roles. I have also done Talk and Support where I have given half an hour of my time over the phone to someone who is a Carer. This is slightly different from the Respite Care as this is usually only a service given for six months, but there again for the person at the other end of the phone it is a great support and I get the satisfaction that they are cared about during a difficult time. If you are considering becoming a volunteer for the AOC, I would thoroughly recommend it as the rewards are endless.


I have always got pleasure in helping people in several ways. So when I retired in 2001, this was an ideal project to be involved in. Helping people, especially those needing help is what I get out of it. It has helped me too as I get to meet many people. It is a very satisfying two way exchange. I have been a volunteer for 10 years, people come and go, but I still sit with the first one I met all those years ago.

Watch the clips of our volunteers talking about their experiences of volunteering for the Association of Carers: